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Acoustic Movable Walls – Case study 1

Acoustic Movable Walls

Chasewater was challenged with supplying acoustic movable walls to divide off an executive dining area used by the CEO of one of the top major car manufacturers. The ceiling was painted black and therefore the top track had to be painted black to match. The panels were required to be stacked in the far corner of the room from the closed wall.

The building had been extending in the past and adequate fixing was not always exactly were we required it to be and along with the amount of services within the ceiling void meant careful planning and design was required so that the stack area could be positioned where the best fix was available while also fulfilling the client’s requirements.

The client chose a Dark Olive melamine colour for the panels. The top track being a special colour along with a non standard finish meant we were under pressure to complete the project within the timescale required.

Trusted by organisations, large and small, to get the work done on a short lead time, to a high standard.

Chasewater work nation wide and our walls can be found as far north as the Shell 'Gannet' oil rig in the north sea and as far south as Guernsey.

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